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Reasons To Work At Home


Why are so many people working at home? A recent study illustrated one in five people are working at home during the week. This means 30 million people out of the workforce are spending time earning money online and feel its a viable solution.

What are some of the reasons to work at home in their eyes?

Let’s take a look.

1) Comfortable Environment To Work

It starts with having a comfortable environment to work in. You’re able to stay at home, ignore the weather outside, and get to work. It removes all of the travel time you might have to deal with or any other related issues. What better way to earn money than to stay at home and head online?

This comfort is hard to overlook and has a significant role to play.  Plus you can take better care of yourself by eating healthier and managing health issues closely like if you have a foot fungus issue.

2) 24/7 Access To Work Station

The second reason comes down to having 24/7 access to your workstation and not being pigeon-holed into a set schedule. You’re able to get up at any time during the day and get to work, which is always nice. It gives you flexibility, and that’s important for parents at home.

This access is hard to deny and plays a significant role for people who want to take the next step.

3) Unlimited Earning Potential

This is one of the underlying reasons people want to work at home in this day and age.

The earning potential is unlimited. If you do things well, you could be earning twice as much as your boss in a year.

Yes, it’s possible, and many are millionaires from doing this.

These are the reasons to work from home and why most people are now setting up shop in their house and think it’s the only way to tap into their potential. You can do the same with a positive mindset.

Conversion rate marketing

The purpose of driving traffic to your online business is to get customers. Once a prospect lands on your site, you still have to convert that prospect into a buyer. You might be able to drive 100,000 visits to your site, but your efforts aren’t worth much if your site can’t monetize their clicks. This is where conversion rate marketing steps in. Here is a good example for a good converting sports wash we promote.  The conversion rate experts Brian and Jeffery Eisenberg undisputed gurus of search engine optimization for conversion wrote the following: „conversion rate is the number of folks who visit your site within a specified period divided by the number of folks who do something. Productive on your site (like buy or register or subscribe). This day, a conversion rate of 2-4 percent is considered average, bellow 2 percent is shabby, and 5 percent or more is quite amazing. Let’s assume you spend $5,000 în advertising to drive 5,000 people to your site, and your conversion rate is 2 percent. This means that 1,000 transactions cost you $5,000 or $1,000 per transaction. Now let’s assume your conversion rate rises to 4 percent. The same $10,000 buys you 200 transactions at a cost of $15 for the transaction. An 8 percent rate gives you 400 transactions at a cost of $25 per transaction. It all seems so simple. Higher conversion rates mean more money was coming in and less money spent to attract a customer. If you can get twice the number of visitors for the same amount of money and maintain the same conversion rate, you get twice the number of sales at one-half of the cost per sale.

Of course, the final objective, regardless of which variable you change to get the lowest possible cost per sale. When you consider that even small improvements in your conversion rate translate into dramatic increases in income, you begin to understand that investing time in trying to convert the traffic to you drive is well worth your effort. Conversion rate marketing has a big effect on your profitability. Search on ”conversion rate marketing” to start incorporating this practice into your marketing strategy. If your firm closed 2 percent and made $100,000 profit and you want to get $200,000, you would have to ask yourself – do we spend more on marketing or spend more money on research to learn a better way to convert those leads and shoot for 4 percent closing rate. The beauty here is that the 4 percent closing rate continues while the marketing dollars must be spent month after month. Good website practice and optimizing for conversion usually makes for good search engine optimization These work together to ensure you drive quality traffic and can persuade that traffic to help you meet your business goals.